Monday, June 15, 2009

What's going on for the next four days

From Monday (today) 'till Thursday (and a concert on Friday) I have a basically music practice all day. It's called music camp, even though you hardly do anything outside accept for walk from one building to the other. At 9:15 –12:10 I have Chamber coaching. Camber coaching is basically one person on the piano, one on the violin, and one on the Cello (me), and we practice three songs. Then from 12:15–1:00 eat lunch. 2:00–2:55 Reading Orchestra, meaning in edition to the quartet that I play with my siblings and a orchestra that I'm doing with friends, I have more music to practice. After that, 2:00–2:55 bell choir– it's really cool, every body there gets one or two bells (sometimes three), and you get a sheet of music with a bunch of notes on it. When your note comes up, you play it. Then from 3:00–3:55 Conducting Class– you get taught how to conduct an orchestra with different tempos. And this is only the first day...... !

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