Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pictures from this year.

     This past year, my sisters camera has been a useful tool taking photos. Here are some of the cool ones.  

Here we were trying to get "color accent " on my sisters eye and it turned out to be a pretty cool picture.
Here my sister was just messing around with her camera and we got this photo.  I was thinking about doing one of those "I want you to this" posters. 

Yesterday, we had sparkling grape juice with our diner.  So I took this picture right before my sister snatched the camera out of my hand.  Oh, and a........ don't look at the time this was posted. I know, I should be doing math. 


Jo-snazz said...

I snatched it, not sachet. :)

Hudhornet said...

Oh, yes, of corse.