Sunday, October 12, 2008

What happens on Saturday.

First on Saturday we go to a Bible study at a restaurant called "The Stockholm Inn" (8:00-9:15) . Then  it's off to cello group lessons( private lessons on Wednesday).  Cello lessons go from about 9:25 to about 12:00. 
Then at 12:30 its off to triathlon training.  We ran/walked/sprinted TWO MILES in about forty-five minuets!!!! (a first for me)  Then we got to do some laps in the cold pool and jump and play around in the warm pool.   By "we" I mean my sister, Joanna, and Nathanael (look at his blog here) and me.(or I, I'm not sure which)  

 At the end of the day we went to a park and took are family  picture. (about 6:30)

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Jo-snazz said...

Yeah...wasn't that fun? :)